Stefanie Langer Connecting Businesses in Ireland and Germany

Stefanie Langer Founder of Bridge-it connects businesses in Ireland and Germany and more broadly to German speaking countries. We help our clients to find new markets and customers for their products and services and to develop relationships with new suppliers. This means researching, finding, connecting. When we have established those connections, we help companies with […]

Gavin Mulcahy – Combining Psychology with the Latest Digital Technology

Gavin Mulcahy, Director reveals that his company Sova Assessment is a global assessment company, combining the best of psychology with the latest digital technology in a seamless end-to-end talent assessment platform for use at every career stage. Sova Assessment works closely with organisations to deliver configurable, digital, fair, accurate and affordable talent assessment solutions that […]

An Interview with Michael Nobes. Founder of Six Bridges Capital LLC. NY

Michael reveals that his company Six Bridges Capital LLC is a financial advisory firm focused on early stage companies providing both advisory and capital raising services. Generally we are industry and stage agnostic but have a bias to post proof of concept. I like to see a product in market with some traction. What are your […]

Sarah Daly All Star Accredited CEO of Groforth

Sarah Daly CEO of GroForth and Ireland’s All-Star Accredited Thought Leader in Enterprise Development. GroForth offers Financial Back office support and data-driven insight for growth-focused businesses. Groforth’s objective is to allow clients to focus on their business by providing them with financial information in a format they understand and help them make business decisions with […]

5 Key Body Language Tips When Negotiating by Joseph McGuire

How Are You Perceived When You’re Negotiating? – 5 Key Body Language Tips You’ve done your due diligence and gathered the relevant data and you’ve identified your BATNA (Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement) in case it doesn’t go well. However, you can still undermine your best efforts if you don’t pay attention to what […]

Kevin Henry – Owner of The Pension Store All Star Accredited Brokerage

Kevin Henry is proud to be Ireland’s only All-Star Accredited pension brokerage which offers bespoke investment solutions for sole traders, self-employed professionals, company executives and business owners. He is also proud of his unique Pensions Robo-Advisor. You can see it here. You can contact Kevin on (01) 442 3929 or email if you need […]

Courtney Sunna – VP of Strategic Business Development – Allergy Standards Ltd

Courtney reveals that Allergy Standards Ltd (ASL) is focused on innovation to create healthier products – advocating for product manufacturers to scientifically test, improve, and bring to market products which contribute to a healthy environment, free of harmful chemicals and irritants. Through our network of laboratories and patient groups, we help manufacturers of paint, bedding, […]

Jody Gannon – Founder of The Big B, Animation Co. GmbH

Jody Gannon is Founder of The Big B animation co. GmbH. An animation & multi-media services & production company based in Berlin and now with a new office in Dublin How did you get the idea/ concept for your business? By reading too many marvel comics as a child! But unable to choose between a […]

Jacqueline O’Donovan – Managing Director – O’Donovan Waste Disposal UK

Jacqueline reveals to IIBN that O’Donovan Waste Disposal is a multi-award winning, family-run waste management business with over 60 years’ experience in the industry, recycling 100% of the waste we process and delivering an efficient, compliant and first-class service to our valued clients. Our business actually crosses over a number of different sectors as not […]

The Convention Centre Dublin. A World-Class Venue In Every Sense

Aoife Kearns, International Corporate Account Manager tells IIBN that the Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD), was developed to provide a world-class conference venue in the heart of the capital. Our vision is to be ‘the world’s favourite venue, experts in delivering world class events. We set the standard for excellence, creating memories and experiences worth […]