Meet Mark Downey, our Man in Budapest!

  Give a brief description of your company. I work freelance advising startups and SMEs and also running training workshops. Clients are either trying to enter the Hungarian market or expanding out of Hungary or business leaders needing someone to listen and unpack business challenges. How did you get the idea/ concept for your business? Having […]

Noelle Daly – Mobility Mojo

Let’s Get Mobile with Noelle Daly & Mobility Mojo Give a brief description of your company. Mobility Mojo is a digital toolkit designed for hotels to self-audit and evaluate the accessibility features and facilities in their premises. Users then integrate and display this information on their hotel websites within a matter of hours. Once complete, […]

Going Global – The Invennt Way


They say it’s a small world and in many respects that’s true. Modern technology and the tide of globalisation has made it easy to trade internationally and work from anywhere in the world, but businesses that underestimate the challenges of entering new global markets do so at their peril. In the past 18 months we […]