HOW I MADE IT – With our back to the wall, there was only one direction to go!

IIBN Dublin Member, Eilis Quinlan, owner of multi award-winning accountancy practice Quinlan & Co Eilis Quinlan set up her practice in Naas, Co Kildare as soon as possible after qualifying.  “As a very young mother with three small kids, a fulltime job in accountancy was not an option” she remembers. “The world was not a […]

Recessions follow me around, they no longer scare me…

I first wrote the article below in February ’20, just as the dirty virus was about to take a grasp on us all.  Typical of Liz O’Kane, reignite a business when the world is shutting down! Recessions follow me around, they no longer scare me, they are what they are, cyclical.  And we’ll survive to […]

Hybrid Working 2.0 – What is going to change in 2022

We are probably all sick of hearing about hybrid working and adapting your work model to correspond with current health regulations and demands from the modern workforce. Over the last 18 months, most businesses have had to quickly adopt new initiatives and technologies to ensure employee safety whilst maintaining productivity. For many of us, working […]

Need a University Intern? High Calibre Low Cost Interns at Covid Interns

Could your Business need a high-caliber, low-cost University Intern?  Recent Trinity graduates, Rob Muldowney and Paddy Ryder, have a vast database on offer at Covid Interns. Covid Interns is a social enterprise recruitment platform for SMEs, charities, and startups looking to attract great student and graduate talent on attractive terms. Covid Interns recruits skilled candidates […]

Interview with Shane O’Neill – President at Audeohost Inc.

In 2011, Audeohost went from an idea in my head to a firm way forward. I had recently finished running IT for a Hitachi company in Canada and full-time corporate IT and I went on a path of divergence. My background is in tech and spent years in media in the UK with organisations including […]

Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace – Elysia Hegarty of CPL

If you know anything about houseplants, then you know that the Fiddleleaf Fig is tough to maintain. In the wild it absolutely thrives, indigenous to West Africa it is used to dense rainforests. However once domesticated it can be super finicky. Too much sun, not enough sun, too wet, too dry, avoid cold drafts, rotate […]

Sharon Daly, Co-Founder Venture Life Group Plc “It all began in Costa Coffee”

For Sharon Daly, it began in 2010 in Costa Coffee with a blank sheet of paper and two former colleagues. With a flat white in one hand and a pen in the other, discussions were centred around creating an international consumer healthcare company aimed at improving a person’s quality of life. ‘We talked vision, strategy, […]