Dublin based Ronan Timmins is a Founding Partner of Easy Translation Solutions. A translation business that helps companies to connect to a global market. Ronan says, we provide comprehensive, reliable, accurate and affordable translations in over 7 languages which will directly increase your market size.

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What are your main goals?

First and foremost, we want to help connect companies across the world and to ensure that language is never an issue. We help companies to access markets where they see business potential but are struggling to get their ideas across. We want brands to be recognised at a local level and the words to be as trusted as they are in the original language. Finally, we respect cultural differences which will help to create great business relationships.

What are your specialist areas?

We are specialists in four key types of translation: Economic, Scientific, Technical and Audiovisual. Of course, we can translate any type of project, but this is where our expertise really shows. These topics require strong attention to detail and several translation methods to overcome difficult concepts.

What are your main languages?

Why choose Easy Translation Solutions?

With so many options online, we want to make your choice simple. We are a contemporary company with great attention to detail. Combine this with a high level of professionalism and you have the perfect cocktail. Our partners are native speakers because we appreciate that knowing a language is not enough. We are the go-to company for technical, economic, scientific and audiovisual translation. We use our personal interests to create word-perfect translations from over seven languages.

We provide a full TEP cycle of your documents. This means that we will translate, edit and proofread and when finished your document will be ready for market.

What are your biggest challenges?

A massive challenge for us is that a lot of our potential customers do not know that they need a professional translator. Many will settle to use an employee who might have done business with French in college. This is simply not good enough. Just because somebody learnt French in school does not mean they are a translator. There is much more to translating than words. A deep knowledge of culture is crucial. We ask people before making a decision to consider the effects of a bad translation, such as a decrease in sales, confusion, causing offense, legal issues, faulty products, and many more.

Are there any major changes you would like to see in your sector?

I would love to see a greater awareness and an appreciation for the job of a translator. Somehow people seem to compare us to Google Translate, and think that anybody can do it, but we are real people with professions. This has led to many companies hiring people who studied foreign languages, law with French, business with French, media with French etc., as translators. I don’t question their ability in French or whichever language, but it’s the translating. You would not ask an electrician to start working on an aircraft without training, would you? The same applies here.

What are the challenges facing your industry going forward?

In my opinion regulation is the biggest issue. As was said before, many people believe that anyone can be a translator. Granted there are regulations for legal and medical translations, however we need a government regulation for the entire sector to help reduce the number of so called ‘fake translators’. Also, pricing is a massive issue. I realise that if price is your defining factor or USP as a translator, you have already lost, but to business clients, price is the bottom line. Many people undercut the market on a regular basis because they are translating in their free time on top of another job. However, for those of us who live off the profession it really isn’t right.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given in business?

Under-promise, over-deliver.

What are your businesses plans for the next year?

We would love to connect with potential clients to build up relationships as well as get to know people who are in the translation sector. We aim to inform about the translation business and explain why a professional is needed. We are eager to work and learn from everyone and anyone who is willing to help.

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