Mark Flood is CEO of Renatus Capital, an Irish Private Equity firm based in Dublin that backs ambitious management teams with supportive equity investment.

To make sure that we source good opportunities for our investors to invest equity in SMES, assess them,      execute and help the companies realise their potential.

Trying to navigate an uncertain Brexit infested world.

Try to lead from front.

There is a lot of money available to invest and the demand for investments is possibly a tad higher than the supply of great opportunities.

People taking investment are more discerning thankfully and looking to the real value-add that comes with Investment.

It would be helpful if Irish entrepreneurs could enjoy equal tax treatment to their UK counterparts and be liable to 10% Capital Gains tax on first 1m gain.

It is a challenge to hire female graduates, but we are trying to work more on our employer branding to appeal to same.

We were lucky to get our hands on a few good businesses when there was less money in the market.

Don’t mention the war!

Success is about making a difference.

If you have any doubt about the people involved, walk away.

Seeing the business we have invested in go from strength to strength.

Acquiring a UK based business.

Bringing Succession solutions and backing great Irish companies to acquire in the UK is that we hope to see.

To be seen to have great momentum with substance.

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