The pandemic is in effect telescoping the future of our homes. Trends that might have taken five or ten years to play out have unfolded in twelve months. And all point in the same direction. To a world turning further inward.

People are seeking to carve out their own private outdoor spaces—balcony, patio, backyard or fully landscaped garden—and many are already looking to design experts to create these fresh-air havens. Natural species, water, fire and light are a few key elements, along with an appropriate structure for shelter. And that’s where we come in.

Arch Outdoor plays a supporting – not leading – role in outdoor design. We supply a wonderful range of aluminium outdoor structures known as pergolas for homes and hospitality businesses that allow the perfect “indoor outdoor” experience to be enjoyed every day independent of the weather. We provide a simple, elegant way to cover a great dining and entertaining area, an outdoor kitchen or a cosy garden room. Structures can be installed freestanding becoming a centre-piece in your garden or as an extension to your home.
We’re pleased to offer advice on any outdoor project and we support professional landscapers and gardeners who are increasingly including open air relaxation and entertainment space in their designs.

We started our business in September 2020 in the midst of the second wave. It was born out of necessity as a large tourism venture I founded and launched collapsed suddenly and was gone forever. The timing couldn’t have been worse (or better). My experience in luxury property development in France, media in Ireland and a lifelong interest in architecture and design was brought to bear on starting a busines based on making outdoor living easy and more comfortable in Ireland. We selected products from the best pergola manufacturers in Italy, all beautiful in form and function and suitable to enhance the outdoor life of any home or hospitality business in Ireland. And we specified that reliability, durability and finishes had be good enough to last a lifetime in our climate.
Our goal was simple. Be an expert partner for solutions to cover outdoor relaxation and entertainment areas with stylish, functional architectural structures. Take advantage of the fact that pergolas are easy and quick additional space solutions that don’t require builders, architects or cause weeks of disruption. (Typically, our structures are professionally installed in 2-3 days). Added to this fact that that residential projects generally don’t require planning permission and property professionals acknowledge investment in outdoor space is more than recouped on the sale of the property.

What is a Pergola?
Traditionally the word often describes a wooden, open structure that acts to accentuate an entrance or pathway, perhaps covered in creeping plants. It’s not weatherproof and doesn’t shelter and is quite small in comparison to today’s modern pergolas.

The modern aluminium pergola is a louvred roof structure that shelters and controls temperature in a completely natural way. The roof opens at the push of a button and the louvres or blades rotate up to 140 degrees to adjust for shade and ventilation. The louvres may also retract fully leaving you open to the sky. A rain sensor if installed will detect the first drops of moisture and automatically close the roof leaving you and your furniture weatherproof. There is no limit to the size of area that may be covered by a pergola structure or the extent of customisation- colour, fixed or sliding glass enclosures, flooring, built-in speakers, lighting. Pergolas are minimalist, stylish structures that fit easily into any garden setting and give new life to outdoor spaces allowing them to be used all year round.

For hotels, restaurants and bars, pergolas create the “wow” factor by creating beautiful weatherproof outdoor space that works effortlessly for a quick return on investment.
With social distancing, these spaces respond directly to the well-being and safety concerns of customers. Arch has a turnkey offering and product range particularly focused on commercial users in hospitality (bars, hotels, sporting clubs) and recreation (public places, commercial premises, education, creches and care homes).

Every outdoor space has its strengths, so embrace yours. Look for the power spot. Perhaps there’s a perch in the garden at a higher elevation where you could place a structure and build a footpath leading to it. Or maybe a lower spot makes for a natural gathering place under the year round protection of a pergola. Or you fancy enjoying your outdoors from the comfort of a beautiful garden room attached to your home, where you can just “be”. Life is outside. And covering your outdoor living space is worth the investment.

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