HOW I MADE IT – With our back to the wall, there was only one direction to go!

IIBN Dublin Member, Eilis Quinlan, owner of multi award-winning accountancy practice Quinlan & Co Eilis Quinlan set up her practice in Naas, Co Kildare as soon as possible after qualifying.  “As a very young mother with three small kids, a fulltime job in accountancy was not an option” she remembers. “The world was not a […]

Mettacomms – the great marketing and communications disruptor by Ellen Gunning

We caught up with long-time IIBN Dublin member Ellen Gunning whose new business, Mettacomms, is about to go out to the market seeking €1million in investment for a platform which, she believes, will completely disrupt the marketing and communications industries. Ellen has been 30+ years in public relations and is utterly passionate about this new […]

Recessions follow me around, they no longer scare me…

I first wrote the article below in February ’20, just as the dirty virus was about to take a grasp on us all.  Typical of Liz O’Kane, reignite a business when the world is shutting down! Recessions follow me around, they no longer scare me, they are what they are, cyclical.  And we’ll survive to […]

Say Hello to our New Members

We are delighted to welcome these new recent members to IIBN – check out their profiles below (and the links to their IIBN account). Current members are encouraged to contact these new members to welcome them to the network and suggest ways in which they can benefit from engaging with other IIBN members. If you […]

Hybrid Working 2.0 – What is going to change in 2022

We are probably all sick of hearing about hybrid working and adapting your work model to correspond with current health regulations and demands from the modern workforce. Over the last 18 months, most businesses have had to quickly adopt new initiatives and technologies to ensure employee safety whilst maintaining productivity. For many of us, working […]


There is considerable entrepreneurial potential among Irish nationals who have spent time abroad and are returning to live in Ireland. Recognising this latent talent, Colm Brophy T.D.  Minister of State for Overseas Development Aid and Diaspora has just opened a call for applicants for Back for Business, a peer support development programme, specially tailored to […]