Originally from Skerries, Conor Wilde has made Valencia, Spain, his home for the past 27 years. He’s the Founder and Managing Director of the award winning luxury real estate firm, Found Valencia. With more than 500 direct listings and a full understanding of the current buyer trends in Valencia, Found Valencia works with international clientele from across the world.

Conor is available at conor@foundvalencia.com for questions on Valencian real estate or visit www.foundvalencia.com

In the current climate, if you opened the newspaper on a story that claimed growth rates of 6+% were available on your investments, you’d be inclined to dismiss the details as fake news.

But the news is, in fact, true, if you know where to look.

“Our team is currently working with an investor from Ireland on an opportunity that provides 8.7% yield,” says Conor. “That is a number that seems crazy in the current worldwide recessionary context, but it’s an achievable one in some areas of Valencia. Buyer trends have changed dramatically since March and the Valencian suburbs offer fantastic opportunities for development.”

While 2020 hasn’t been an easy year for any country or city, Valencia is attracting the attention of investors for all the right reasons.

Affectionately called “Spain’s third city”, it punches far above its weight with its business and tech credentials.

“Our most popular residential product is our Turnkey Solution. This is a high quality new build specifically created for the client or a resale home + complete renovation,” says Conor.  These homes can be from 15 – 40 minutes from Valencia city and the areas are pumped with fibre optic (up to 600mb) for the home worker.

The Spanish lifestyle is on offer here, and so too is a thriving commercial centre. Valencia offers a trade corridor to the world and an entry point into Europe.

Conor also points out the rich ecosystem the city offers to technology companies and startups. “We’re one of the most connected tech hubs in Europe, with strong ties to the rest of the world. We have more than 25 incubators and accelerators here. What’s more a further 15 different investment funds are located in Valencia City, many of them with connections to Silicon Valley,” he says.

Valencia is also the World Design Capital for 2022.

Alongside all of these great advantages, Conor and his team are also fielding interest from International clients interested in the commercial property opportunities in Valencia right now.

In particular, the following types of properties are attracting investor interest right now:

Found Valencia also finds and/or builds people their dream homes. The firm is noticing an increase in enquiries from people in Ireland, the USA and various European countries, who are reassessing their lives as remote working becomes mainstream.

“Valencia is special,” Conor says. “The city and surrounding areas offer everything you could want for yourself and your family from a work/life balance point of view. The outdoor lifestyle is healthy and fun, and the business side of things is full of opportunities.”

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