Driven by her passion and love for vintage clothing. Head Fashion Designer for DNKY Jacqueline Quinn has gone out on her own.

IIBN asked Jacqueline to tell us her story to date. Jacqueline revealed that she has been in the Fashion business for many years, as head designer for DKNY and last year I resigned as the creative Director for Betsey Johnson, as I have a love of vintage clothing, mainly dresses and decided to start my own business.

Now the company is expanding as we are now selling a range of sunglasses and scarves all inspired by the Iconic Jackie Kennedy and her style. The complete range will be on sale at the store online and in the boutiques. You can see the range and shop online Here

You can visit Jacqueline’s website and boutique

Jacqueline says, I got the idea as always loved Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and I was named after her. I wanted to use my design experience and create a designer collection with a bespoke and dressmaker feel.

I studied Fashion at the Grafton-Academy in Dublin. I am currently taking my Masters in fine Art and Fashion and started a course in Harvard last year, for a certificate in the Visual Arts.

I have been blessed with parents that were entrepreneur’s, they started Centre of English studies in Dublin over 40 years ago I have three brothers in the business and they have grown it to a global level. So, the family has a common trait of entrepreneurship.

I had over 25 years experience in the Fashion Industry. This experience has made me well prepared for the bumps in the road, within the Fashion industry and dealing with all the personalities.

I funded this project and invested heavily myself and have a factory that are my business partners to handle the financial and the manufacturing whilst there is growth in the business. The market and the Fashion industry is changing daily and the mass production we have all seen in manufacturing is slowing down. We at the Adore Jackie Company, are looking at high end Garment design and construction, quality fabrics, mall volume in production and keeping all designs sustainable and giving our customer what they like.

The company is on line at but we also have the collection housed at OM  Diva boutique in Drury street Dublin. We also have the collection housed in New York and Miami. If you walk into our stores and look at the collection and your size is not available, the staff on the floor  can measure you, look after all your needs and put in the order to our New York Salon and we make and ship to you within a 2/3 week time frame. I also offer a custom design service and have made for many brides and bridesmaids and both mother of the bride and the Groom, all bespoke and classic Dressmaking.

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