Undoubtedly Covid-19 continues to impact on how we all do business and Hannon Travel, one of Ireland’s longest established Travel Management Companies (TMC) is no different.

As lockdown continues and remote working becomes the norm (for the time being or not), we are using this “quiet” time as an opportunity to explore and understand how we will do business in the future. There is no doubt demand, workflows and technologies will be different and for us, now is the time to prepare, train, upskill and upgrade.  This means being ready for an even more flexible approach to doing business during the “new norm” beyond Covid19.

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Irrespective of what challenges, time, demand and Covid19 may bring, key aspects of our focus will remain unchanged, these are total unreserved commitment to: –

  • Customer service
  • Duty of care
  • Providing the best solution to every travel request
  • 24/7 response
  • Strategic Account Management of our clients travel programmes
  • Investment in technology to best manage travel, spend, traveller experience.
  • Providing a complete safe service; flights, accommodation, transfers, visas, insurance, travel policy advice, lost/delayed baggage support

So, what does all that really mean to the corporate traveller?

  • Hannon Travel commit to being with you from the point you make contact for a quote right through to your return home. Our team is available to respond to you by phone, email or our own app 24/7.
  • When there is an emergency, either in your life or business or outside your control, we will identify the best solution to get you home or to your chosen destination.
  • Offering the best solution to all requests and not just the cheapest, highlighting trouble spots, transit issues, ticket flexibility and overall benefits and restrictions of each solution.

We have handled many calls from distressed passengers who had booked online and were stranded during the Covid19 pandemic, it is evident that more people and corporates will wish to have their travel managed by a TMC in the future. The recurring feedback of poor or zero response and effective solutions at times of emergency from online providers is already prompting corporates to talk to us for their future travel.

Social distancing is expected to continue for some time in the future.  Airlines and airports are reviewing onboard seating, lounges and queue management to accommodate this and there is no doubt that there will be an impact on how we travel in the future.  As we continue into the evolving nature of future travel Hannon Travel are in constant contact with all facets of our industry to ensure we can provide the best advice and solutions.

For twenty years, our team of highly experienced travel professionals and our technology have led the way in providing  quality corporate travel services to local and global organisations operating in sectors such as aircraft leasing, finance, pharmaceuticals, equestrian, engineering and mining.

One thing is for sure… we will to continue to be the best in this business for many years to come and are ready to do business…with care…always!