We asked Emer, how long have you been a member of IIBN

Since I joined Beauchamps five years ago. Beauchamps is a Dublin based law firm and a long time supporter of IIBN and I was delighted to get involved.

Tell us about your day job, when you are not attending IIBN webinars!

I am a Partner in Beauchamps Corporate and Commercial Group. Our firm of 200 people is usually based in the IFSC Dublin, but my colleagues and I have all been working remotely for about three months now.

As a corporate lawyer, I advise Irish and international businesses on all aspects of Irish corporate law and governance. These days, my main focus is on corporate restructurings and business transformation, cross-border mergers, and foreign direct investment.

Which IIBN event stands out for you, before the COVID-19 emergency

That’s a hard question, there have been so many great events and every IIBN member will have their own favourites. But for me it has to be IIBN’s event in the House of Commons on 27th April 2016, less than a month before the UK’s Brexit vote on June 23rd 2016.

There was definitely a strong sense that evening of something significant happening, of history being on the march. Speaker after speaker at the event talked about how close the vote would be, which almost no one in Ireland was predicting at the time.

Looking back, it all seems several lifetimes ago. So much high drama has played out in the House of Commons (and in the world) since then, which was unimaginable on that Spring evening back in April 2016.

What was your favourite IIBN webinar event during the last three months.

The second webinar with Stuart Lancaster was my clear favourite so far. I am a rugby fan and have followed Stuart’s career with England and his recent stellar successes with Leinster. His presentation for business on the topical subject of “Leadership Principles under Pressure” was insightful and relatable. I return to it often for inspiration!

Who is the IIBN member that most inspired you at an IIBN event.

There have been so many – IIBN is such a diverse and talented group of business people, from all sorts of businesses, big and small. But Fiona McEntee stands out – an amazing woman doing such important work, tirelessly speaking truth to power for people without any voice in the world. She is an inspiration to women and men on both sides of the Atlantic. The world needs more people like Fiona right now.

Finally, can you name something positive for you that unexpectedly came out of the COVID -19 Lockdown

Yes, I can – without a doubt it is the IIBN’s series of excellent webinars which started on xxx April and have given IIBN a fantastic opportunity to link into a global audience. The speakers have been really top class. Congratulations on being a “first mover” producing such a professional series of live, topical online events – IIBN certainly caught the wave!

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