We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

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  1. Kieran – Head of Cities UKI at Uber. Based in Dublin.
  2. Tom – Managing Director of Deacy Construction. Based in London.
  3. Micheal – Managing Director of Strongbó. Based in Cork.
  4. Blaise – Int. Growth & Marketing Manager at J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey. Based in London.
  5. Conor – President of Vistage. Based in Barcelona.
  6. Rebecca – CoFounder of White & Green. Based in Dublin.
  7. Siobhan – Brand Manager at Polly King & Co. Based in New York.
  8. Grainne – Director of Yogapal. Based in Dublin.
  9. James – Assistant Marketing Manager at Orbidal. Based in Dublin.
  10. Kim – Solicitor at Kennedys. Based in London.
  11. Gavin – Solicitor at Ronan Daly Jermyn. Based in Dublin.
  12. John – Operations Director at HIT Digital Group. Based in London.
  13. Dermot – Marketing Manager at Hopkins Communications. Based in Limerick.
  14. Ellen – Business Development and Marketing at Siegel+Gale. Based in New York.
  15. Brian – Performance Consultant/Professional Speaker. Based in Cork.
  16. Adrian – Managing Director of Lizado Servies. Based in Dublin.
  17. Barbara – Operations Manager at MediaHQ. Based in Dublin.
  18. Graeme – Research Manager at MediaHQ. Based in Glasgow.
  19. Michelle – Director of Vibrato. Based in Dublin.
  20. Laura – Lawyer at William Fry. Based in Cork.
  21. Gary – Group Marketing Manager at Glennon Brothers. Based in Clare.
  22. Gerard – Director of Government Affairs at Fiserv. Based in London.

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