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  1. Peter – CEO at Red Sky Intelligence LLC. Based in New York.
  2. Ann – Tax Director at Grant Thornton. Based in Cork.
  3. Mark – Senior Executive at Finance Ireland. Based in Dubai.
  4. Gabe – CEO & Managing Director of Marketlayer Ltd. Based in London.
  5. David – Advisory Director at Grant Thornton. Based in Cork.
  6. Jacqueline – Principal Consultant at CAPCO. Based in Cork.
  7. Andrew – Managing Partner at Bayhead Advisers. Based in London / Belfast.
  8. Alastair – Director at Hanway Associates. Based in London.
  9. Susan – Consulting Partner at Signium Ireland. Based in Dublin.
  10. Ruth – Managing Partner at Phoenix Recruitment. Based in Dublin.
  11. Rachel – Marketing Communications Manager at Phoenix Recruitment. Based in Dublin.
  12. Maria – Coach at Maria O’Dwyer Coaching. Based in Tipperary.
  13. Susanne – Managing Principal Consultant at Glocafy. Based in Dublin.
  14. David – Business Development Manager at Health and Fitness Ireland. Based in Tipperary.
  15. Mairead – Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Halstead Real Estate. Based in Greenwich.
  16. Damien – Director of Business Development at KSN Project Management. Based in Dublin.
  17. Orla – Teaching Fellow, Executive Education at Trinity Business School. Based in Dublin.
  18. Liam – CEO at RDI Hub. Based in Kildare.
  19. Emma – Based in Astoria New York.
  20. John – Co-Founder of Performance Nerds. Based in Linerick.
  21. Lindsey – Production Manager at KP Films (Linpac). Morbihan.
  22. John – Director at Grant Thornton. Based in Cork.
  23. Sharon – Business Development Manager at Ludgate Hub. Based in Cork.
  24. Shane – Enterprise Account Director at DataCamp. Based in Laois.
  25. Lynda – Director at Stenham Advisors Plc. Based in London.
  26. Laura – University College Cork. Coaching. Based in Cork.
  27. Linda – Account Manager at Marketing Network. Based in Cork.
  28. Paolo – Commercial & Marketing Director at Serendipity By Design. Based in Dublin.
  29. Angelina – Senior Recruitment Consultant at Aspire Recruitment. Based in Clare.
  30. Sophie – Startup and Emerging SMB Consultant at Salesforce. Based in Dublin.
  31. Heather – Director of Financial Planning at Davy. Base in Cork.
  32. Eoin – Commercial Manager at PE Global. Based in Cork/Dublin/London
  33. Maria – Founder and Principal at KITE- Keep in Touch Education. Based in Donegal.
  34. Sue – Founder at Sue Cleary Consulting. Based in Dublin.
  35. Paul – Founder & CEO at Cohesion Global. Based in Dublin.

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