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  1. Bernardo – Startup Co-founder of Quarx Technologies. Based in Buenos Aires.
  2. Liam – Financial Planner & SMSF Specialist Advisor at Verante Financial Planning. Based in Sydney.
  3. Karen – Financial Services Audit Manager at Grant Thornton. Based in Cork.
  4. Josephine – Owner of Rosa Negra Restaurants. Based in Barcelona.
  5. Tom – Co-Founder / Managing Partner of C-Risk. Based in Paris.
  6. Kieran – Partner at ReganWall, Business Law Firm. Based in Cork.
  7. Gavin – Assistant Buyer at Sirplus Clothing. Based in London.
  8. Kathryn – Associate Director at Grant Thornton. Based in Cork.
  9. Michael – Partner at Grant Thornton. Based in Cork.
  10. Shane – Manager at HSBC. Based in London.
  11. Kevin – Executive Director at Community Consulting Services (CCS). Based in New York.
  12. Fran – Senior Manager Corporate Banking at Bank of Ireland Corporate Banking. Based in Cork.
  13. Derek – Commercial Director at Babelfís. Based in Cork.
  14. Evelyn – Business Tourism Manager at Cork Convention Bureau. Based in Cork.
  15. Deirdre – Owner of Fuzion Public Relations. Based in Cork.
  16. Dr Fiona – Centre Manager at AgriTech Centre of Excellence (ACE). Based in Cork.
  17. Gavin – Lead Consultant at Kadens Consultancy. Based in Wexford.
  18. Saskia – Independent Business Counsellor. Based in Cork.
  19. Susan – Leadership and Career Consultant at Susan Manning Consultancy. Based in Cork.
  20. Anthony – Business Development Manager at AutoEntry. Based in Tipperary.
  21. Adrienne – Chief Executive of the Ludgate Hub. Based in West Cork.
  22. John – Director at Elysearch & Placement Ltd. Based in Dublin.
  23. Anne-Marie – Managing Partner at Executive Search Ireland. Based in Cork.
  24. Neil – Advisor to Tech Startups at Multiple Startups. Based in Cork.
  25. Bernie – Acting Head of Enterprise at the Local Enterprise Office. Based in Limerick.
  26. Fiona – Independent Marketing Consultant. Based in Cork.
  27. Sarah – Consultant at Big Picture Marketing. Based in Dublin.
  28. Stephanie – Project Manager at Chapter. Based in Cork.
  29. Dave – Founding Director of Conexion.ie. Based in Cork.
  30. Phil – COO at Fifth Step. Based in Cork.
  31. Helen – Flexible Work Specialist at EmployFlex. Based in Cork.
  32. Audrey – Visual Artist and Illustrator at Cantillona Design. Based in Cork.
  33. Colette – MD / Founder of Real Insights. Based in Cork.

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