IIBN is delighted to announce that we have joined the LIMOR conspiracy and would invite all of our IIBN members to do the same.

What is LIMOR?

LIMOR is the next evolution of social media. It combines the best aspects of social media with short audio content and traditional podcasting – LIMOR is Social Audio.

LIMOR allows the user to record, edit, share and listen to audio content and traditional podcasts instantly from smart devices.

This is a Recorded podcast of IIBN’s Fiona Craughan talking to Shane Monahan about LIMOR..Here          You can also see how LIMOR works Here

With LIMOR you can talk directly to your followers and listeners via innovative limor voice commenting section sparking REAL conversation.

The social nature of LIMOR means that a user’s audio content can go viral instantly. “Great design comes from solving problems and when it comes to design less is more (LIMOR).”

Limor solves a problem, it removes the traditional barriers of entry to audio and traditional podcast creation. You no longer need a studio and equipment all you need is limor your phone and your voice.

Limor also removes the ‘fourth wall’ between audio content producer and consumer, traditional podcasting is a monologue, LIMOR social audio is a dialogue. Now, a listener can follow and speak directly to their friends, family, favourite podcaster or influencer and hear a voice reply, sparking a whole new conversation in the revolutionary new LIMOR Social Audio comments section.

Record in an instant using LIMOR’s audio record feature.

Using pioneering editing features – audio content creation and sharing is quick and easy. Users can post Social Audio or traditional podcasts almost instantly.

Publish and share or save and edit later. It really is that simple.

Easily explore the LIMOR Social Audio community. Follow people and profiles of interest, listen to their Social Audio content and interact via Limor’s social interaction features.

With LIMOR’s revolutionary new voice commenting feature you now can speak directly to your friends, family, favourite podcaster or celebrity and hear a reply sparking a whole new conversation.

LIMOR will give all IIBN members instant access to the new voice economy which is predicted to reach a value of $1 Trillion dollars by 2025.

Create a sonic identity for your business, instantly record and share your voice , social audio and podcasts with the world.

Join the conspiracy!

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