Still Mind – Meditation and Mindfulness app made in Ireland to relieve stress and anxiety both at work and at home.

Meditation and Mindfulness crossed paths with the technology world when Grainne Toher, Founder and Director of Yogapal and Lisa Kelly, Founder of were introduced through some mutual business contacts and friends from the Women’s Inspire Network in the Dublin.

A body/mind teacher for a number of years, Grainne, herself an ex-banker, realised that many of her students were switching off from stressful, anxious lives for the first time during the relaxation section of her classes.  One evening a student asked if he could tape that section of the class on his phone and Grainne decided to go one better and develop an app, which would contain her own guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.

Lisa and Grainne met over a coffee and developed Still Mind, Ireland’s meditation and mindfulness app.  Lisa herself is an advocate of mindfulness and meditation and practices it regularly when she is not raising her family or building apps for such clients as Flemings Foods, Butler and Barry and Vanity Rooms to name just a few.

The pair met again towards the end of 2019 to refresh the look and feel of Still Mind, make the functionality even easier and add new content.  Still Mind contains a range of mindfulness recordings and meditation practices to support members at work and to help users to live more peacefully and happily at home.

According to an OECD 2018 report, Ireland has one of the highest rates of mental health illness in Europe, with 18.5% suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or an addiction.  Ireland’s Still Mind app aims to support and boost our nation’s mental health.

Priced very affordably at 9.99e a year, Still Mind is available on Google Play or at the following browser on any device

  1. Grainne has just released a CPD Standards accredited online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program to help teachers deliver mindfulness skills into classrooms and to inform, support and deepen the experience of long term meditators and mindfulness practitioners.  It’s available on

Still Mind – Make Peace With Busy

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