My Name is TED, Irish owned award-winning luxury business and lifestyle leather bag and accessory brand, on 9th January officially announced the launch of the brands first ever Ladies collection titled The Door Bag collection.

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The fascinating story of TED Carbery using his mouth and left hand in the 1950’s to make leather bags and accessories inspired Brendan McEvoy Ted’s Grandson, and his wife Kasia to bring the family tradition and brand back to life. Studying the intricacies of Ted’s work, the husband and wife team set out in 2016 to create a range of luxury leather bags and accessories with extra functionality and some technology features), specifically aimed at addressing the gaps in the underserved male market.

Since 2016 they travelled Ireland and Europe to hand select the world’s finest materials and artisans to bring their unique designs and brand vision to reality. The men’s collection was built on a principal of combining Technology features such as (wireless charging and GPS tracking) seamlessly integrated into their traditional wallet and briefcase designs. Choosing to focus as a direct to consumer business in the initial stages they commercially launched in 2017 and sold their collection of wallets and bags online to customers all over the world, they have won awards such as Best Emerging Irish Design at Showcase 2017. The focus now is to scale the business internationally with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland.

Over the past 12 months the brand has naturally progressed to extend their focus to their first women’s collection. Bringing the same brand ethos and vision of a hidden surprise in the functionality of the designs. In this collection the purpose of the main feature is to function to give feeling, a collection that the consumer can explain the purpose through their eyes and tell stories with.  The inspiration came whilst driving in Dublin’s Eccles street one rainy evening, staring at the different doors the thought hit Brendan; that each door tells its own unique story and would be the most perfect feature to integrate into a collection of bags & accessories. The Feature (The Door) Functions (Opens & Closes) to give Feeling (of security behind your door, a memory of a door from your childhood or a time or place that sparks happy thoughts and feeling to its owner).

The collection has three distinctive pieces launching –

The collection pays homage to perhaps the most famous door from Eccles street, No.7 the location James Joyce centred his novel Ulysses; around the hero Leopold Bloom. The door is no longer there as the house was knocked however it was salvaged and spent several years at the bailey pub and now resides in the James Joyce visitors centre.

Produced in small batches of (25) in each style using only the finest Italian leather, suede lining and solid brass hardware, the bags and purse are now available to order online at

Brendan McEvoy, co-founder of My Name is TED Ltd. said:

“Inspired by my grandfather, Ted Carbery who despite losing the use of his right-hand side, found a way to make his functional bags. My approach to design is to create products that are striking to look at, with an extra feature that gives impact and ultimate practicality. A function that you are not expecting from an uncompromising luxury product.

Features that Function give Feeling – Fashion & Function perfectly combined to create a new Luxury experience.” Connect with You!


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