Health and Wellness International (HAWI) is a Global Proactive Corporate Health and Wellness Company.

HAWI ‘Health and Wellness International’ would love to offer a free education and training workshop to the first five people that contact us about staff/ employee reset/ onboarding support.


The importance of health and having a health/wellbeing corporate culture

Why should you provide health screens? Health screening is an effective way to detect issues, disease or conditions early, even when there have been no symptoms or signs of disease. Detecting a condition early means getting the right treatment at the right time and this gives employees better control over their health. You now have a worker who is addressing an issue early rather than calling in sick for weeks later on. Health screening helps to identify if an individual is at risk of, or has a disease or condition that was previously not known about. With early detection, education or treatment the body can be provided with the best defense against these diseases.
Why should health screening become best practice for every company globally that has any numbers of employees? A healthy immune system can defeat invading pathogens (bacteria,viruses) that make people sick. Covid-19 attacks a compromised/ weakened immune system. A healthy person is a confident and more assured person that will be more productive, present and valuable to the company. Finally a corporate health screen is also a way for the employer to say to the employee that ‘we actually care about your physical and mental health‘.
Let’s look at some statistics: HAWI have conducted thousands of health screens in the corporate environment in the last 9 months. Seven out of ten people tested have two if not more health markers out of the standard, normal range. The younger demographic i.e. 21 – 45 have more health markers out of the normal range then our older demographic. Every individual that has even one elevated health marker always says ”But I felt fine”. 70% of the people taking our health screens have elevated blood sugars. 60% have elevated HDL cholesterol. Blood pressure levels with employees currently are through the roof. Seven out of ten individuals have presented with high levels of stress, anxiety and non coping skills. And by the way, these statistics are all pre Covid-19. We have recently added the Lung Function (peak flow, FEV1 & FVC) test as standard to all our health screens.
We are investigating the point of care Covid-19 IGG and IGM test at the moment. As soon as we are happy that it gives an accurate and reliable result we will add it as an optional extra test.
At the moment drug and alcohol abuse is worse now than over the two weeks at Christmas. Sleep, nutrition, physical and mental health have all taken a serious knock. It is imperative to understand that HAWI’s health screens cover’s both the physical and mental side of an individual’s health. We examine physical health markers and also mental health markers. This is a fantastic tool for any HR department and CEO to get an overview of their company’s general health. Once we have health markers for the individual employees in your company, we can educate staff either face to face or online (online educational talks and 1 to 1 zooms) on how to take small realistic steps to create change to reduce inflammation and thus get well and be well so they can return to the office environment with a non compromised system.
HAWI is a Proactive Global Health and Wellness Company that will look after all aspects of implementing and running the health and wellness/ health screening program for your company’s employees.

Show You Care

Now is the time to hit your company’s reset button and help your employees come back to work physically and mentally well. Do your employees know where their health markers are right now?  Inflammation leaves the body open to receiving viruses and infections. We screened over 10,000 staff in the last quarter of 2019.  Before this pandemic staff were in trouble both physically and mentally. We are receiving calls from a number of companies that realise their employees need support.
Health and Wellness International are here to help educate and empower your employees, so they can and will be mentally and physically well going forward.
The Time to Reset is Now
Talk to HAWI to design a tailored health and wellness program for your business. We assess the health of your workforce, through our health screening programs and implement a customised education strategy.
Enhance Employee Quality of Life and Improve Productivity
Witness the profound impact HAWI health and wellbeing can have on the performance of individuals and the health of your business as a whole. The Deloitte report 2020 has stated for every €1 spent on the health and wellbeing of employees the return to the company is a minimum of €4 rising to €10 for a bespoke program.
We Go The Extra Mile
HAWI offer the extras, including the personal touch and aftercare follow up, because we genuinely care. Let us design a reset package that will ensure your employees come back after the lockdown, ready and able for work. There are a number of payment options available.
There are a number of Payment Options available. 
The company can pay in full (3 different screening options available).
The company can subsidise.
In a number of companies at the moment budgets are very tight.
The company can act as a facilitator to allow each employee avail of the health screen. The employee pays in full. The employee gets to avail of the screen onsite. The full screen only takes 30 minutes.
Each individual will know exactly where their health markers are and will be given recommendations accordingly.
The company will benefit in many ways e.g. a staff that knows you care, a staff that will know their health status, a staff that are more productive and more present. A comprehensive findings & recommendations report will be given to the company. From this a tailored education and training plan can be put in place.
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