An article by Ciarán Leddy, Business Development Manager for EBS.

Throughout the ages, many Irish people have left the shores of our Fair Isle to live their lives in pastures new. From New Ross to New York, Tipperary to Toronto, Limerick to London or Sligo to Sydney, we Irish have spread our wings broadly and found our way to positions of influence in many parts of the world. However, over the last number of years we have found that more and more, Irish expats are interested in returning home to Ireland following some time away.

Many different reasons have been cited for this but most of all people seem to like the idea of raising their children in a place where the Garda on “the beat” remain unarmed; where they can get out of a city in to the countryside within an hour’s drive or simply where they can be close to family and friends for more than just Christmas.

The thought of upping sticks and moving home can be both exciting and daunting – finding a job (although often I see clients getting internal transfers) and which school to send the kids to could be influenced by where they might like to live. Even knowing what general area is advantageous but how to go about securing finance to buy a property while abroad can be tricky. Some may also be in need of a person on the ground who can do the house search for them as well and the bidding process when the time comes.

Over the last number of years, I’ve looked after many Irish expats who are looking to secure funding for a property in advance of their move home. I’ve also dealt with Irish who wish to buy a holiday home in Ireland to use while visiting. We at EBS are happy to talk to Irish individuals who may be working and earning in a foreign currency*. Like all applications a full assessment is carried out and it’s important to note that the applicant must be able to meet their financial commitments in the present country of residence as well as the mortgage in Ireland on the new property.

If this sounds like you or you are even just at the early stages of considering a move home and would like to get some advice and understand the process, then please feel free to get in touch. I’d be delighted to help and if you were to proceed with an application then I would continue to work closely with you from the first stages right through to drawdown. You can visit the EBS website here.

To adlib a phrase from Midnight Caller (a 1980’s TV show about an ex-cop turned late-night radio talk show host) – Stay Safe, wherever you are!

*Although EBS deal with clients earning in most non-euro currencies there are some which we do not consider.

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