We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

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  1. James – Founder of Wonderscript Inc. Based in New York.
  2. Richard – Chief Operating Officer EMEA at Colliers. Based in London.
  3. Stuart – President of Beeby Clark+Meyler. Based in Connecticut.
  4. Neil – CIO at Andrson. Based in Dublin.
  5. Sam – Founder & CEO of Safeguard Dynamics. Based in New York.
  6. Brenda – Principal at Shannon Consulting. Based in Dublin.
  7. Shane – CEO at Audeohost Inc. Based in Toronto.
  8. Jennifer – Global Marketing Manager at SGS. Based in New Jersey.
  9. James – President – North America of MOG Technologies. Based in California.
  10. Francis – EMEA Director Industry and Strategy Transformation at Oracle. Based in Dublin.
  11. Stephen – Corporate Counsel at Willis Lease Finance Corporation. Based in Dublin.
  12. Leah – Associate, Securitisation at Allen & Overy. Based in London.
  13. Corina – Counsel at Ameriprise Financial Inc. Based in New York.
  14. Kieran – VP at Digicel. Based in Galway.
  15. Shauna – Designer at Yellow Banana Ltd. Based in London.
  16. Emilia – Mortgage specialist at MC Financial. Based in Dublin.
  17. Elizabeth – Physical Therapist at Orthology. Based in New York.
  18. Alex – Business Manager at Currencies Direct. Based in Dublin.
  19. Aodh – Sustainability Consultant. Based in London.
  20. Charles – National Partnership Manager at Equals Group. Based in Edinburgh.
  21. Joe – Chief Data Officer at Glantus Ltd. Based in Dublin.
  22. Catherine – Director at Orpen Design Solutions Ltd. Based in London.
  23. Paudie – Sales Director at Glantus Ltd. Based in London.
  24. Noel – Director. Based in Dublin.
  25. Conor – Leadership Coach at Choose Leadership. Based in Dublin.
  26. Conor – Treasury Consultant at Clear. Based in London.
  27. Daniel – Marketing Manager at MediaHQ. Based in Dublin.
  28. Johnmichael – Director Business Development at Cobwebs Technologies. Based in Connecticut.
  29. Gerard – Head of Civil Construction and Integration at Plastic Energy. Based in London.
  30. Seán – Researcher at Mason Blake. Based in Cork.
  31. Graham – Associate Director at APS Consultancy. Based in London.
  32. Sarah – Senior Statistician at IQVIA. Based in Toronto.
  33. Gearoid – Senior Sales Development Representative at Hired. Based in New York.
  34. Aisling – Marketing Associate at Siegel+Gale. Based in New York.
  35. John – Project Manager at Halmar International. Based in New Jersey.
  36. Peter – Digital Strategist at Wonderscript Inc. Based in New York.
  37. Sinead – Development Manager at Museum of Literature Ireland. Based in Dublin.
  38. Stephen – Senior Project Manager at S&E Bridge and Scaffold LLC. Based in New York.
  39. Megan – Singer. Self Employed Artist. Based in London.
  40. Richard – Dean of Non-governmental Reps at Blue Community Consortium. Based in New York.
  41. John – Managing Director of Business Solutions (NW) LTD. Based in Gisburn

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