We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

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  1. Marc – CEO of Big Red Cloud. Based in Dublin.
  2. Michelle – Managing Director of The Nude Wine Company. Based in Dublin.
  3. Cathal – CEO of Ultan Technologies. Based in Dublin.
  4. Niamh – VP Inside Sales at Invest Northern Ireland. Based in Rhode Island.
  5. Gary – Founder and CEO of BusterBox. Based in Dublin.
  6. Megan – Executive Vice President of Lynch Pinnacle Group. Based in Maryland.
  7. Adrian – Managing Director of VTSL Ireland Ltd. Based in Cork.
  8. Susannah – Managing Director of Attestor Capital. Based in Dublin.
  9. Brian – Managing Partner at 3SIXTY. Based in Cork.
  10. Anthony – Managing Director of Irish Whiskey Auctions Ltd. Based in Louth.
  11. Mark – Founder of the Paddy Box. Based in Dublin.
  12. Mark – Founding Partner at Fielding & Associates. Based in Dublin.
  13. Dr Jane – Dentist Compliance Consultant at Dental Compliance Ltd. Based in Wexford.
  14. Eddy – Owner of Eddy O’Shaughnessy Marketing Ltd. Based in Cork.
  15. Loughnan – CEO of Dotser Ltd. Based in Offaly.
  16. Helen – Consultant at Whynot Partnering. Based in Meath.
  17. Colin – Sales Director at ApTask & NEST Global. Based in New Jersey.
  18. Sean – CEO of CloudAssist. Based in Limerick.
  19. Ashley – Customer Success Manager. Based in New York.
  20. Hilary – EA to the VP at KAPSARC. Based in Riyadh.
  21. Marcus – Managing Director of Keating. Based in Dublin.
  22. David – Director of Operations at ODOS. Based in Dublin.
  23. Brian – Principal Consultant at Productise Ltd. Based in Galway.
  24. Gavin – Founder / MD of TRIGR. Based in Galway.
  25. Kenneth – Managing Director of WestTech Technologies. Based in Dublin.
  26. Niall – CEO of the Market Bar Group. Based in Dublin.
  27. John – Managing Direct of NewHaven. Based in Dublin.
  28. Shay – Founder of ASCEND. Based in Dublin.
  29. Fiona – Business Consultant / Mentor at Peralto. Based in Dublin.
  30. Sarah – Partner with The Panel. Based in Dublin.
  31. Niall – CEO of Niall O’Leary Architecture. Based in New York.
  32. Ralph – Director of Do My Books. Based in Dublin.
  33. Lisa – Business & Technology Delivery Specialist at Accenture. Based in Dublin.
  34. Shane – Managing Director of Cradock Consulting Ltd. Based in Wicklow.
  35. John – Managing Director of Treasury Solutions Ltd. Based in Cork.
  36. Mike – Managing Director of Arvo. Based in Cork.
  37. Simon – Event Executive with Cricket Ireland. Based in Dublin.
  38. Martin – Director of Evans Mockler. Based in London.
  39. Alan – Partner with The Panel. Based in Dublin.
  40. Sean – Psychotherapist at Aontacht Counselling & Psychotherapy. Based in Mayo.
  41. Cathy – Brand Manager at Grant Thornton. Based in Galway.
  42. Geoff – CFO of Square Fin. Based in Warwickshire.



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