We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

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  1. Keith – Speaker, Entertainer, Mind Coach, TV personality at Marstock Entertainment Ltd. Based in Dublin.
  2. Anne Yvonne – Global Customer Analytics Lead at Pfizer. Based in New York.
  3. Shirley – Country Director at the U.K. Dept for International Trade. Based in Dublin.
  4. Nuala – Founder of Vintica. Based in Cork.
  5. Niall – Founder of Time Productions. Based in London.
  6. Gary – Founder of VITHIT. Based in Dublin.
  7. Aileesh – Director of Sales & Marketing at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. Based in Dublin.
  8. Barry – Managing Partner of Yala. Based in Dublin.
  9. Emer – Partner at Beauchamps. Based in Dublin.
  10. Damian – CSO at Syntoniq. Based in New Jersey.
  11. Gerard – Chairman of Longboat Clinical. Based in Dublin.
  12. Stephen – Market Executive at Enterprise Ireland. Based in Sydney.
  13. Tommy – CEO of Xtremepush. Based in Dublin.
  14. Declan – Innovation Strategy Consultant at Citi. Based in New York.
  15. Mark – Partner at SeaBreeze Technologies. Based in Wexford.
  16. Paul – Finance Director at Wasteland Ski. Based in London.
  17. Gerard – Sales Director at MEL Environmental Solutions Limited. Based in Derry.
  18. Michael – Brand Designer at Sloane. Based in Dublin.
  19. Eileen – Client Relationship Manager the PR Training Academy. Based in Dublin.
  20. Dan – Managing Director of Arrow Print Management. Based in Dublin.
  21. Alan – Head of Digital and CEO of Kompass Media. Based in Wicklow.
  22. Catherine – Consultant at Cronin Partners. Based in Dublin.
  23. Peter – New Product Excellence Project Lead at Boston Scientific Corp. Based in Limerick.
  24. Juliane – BioKinesiologist at ChecKin Health. Based in Leitrim.
  25. Gretta – Digital Marketing Manager at JustGiving. Based in London.
  26. Bronwyn – Owner of Broader Minds. Based in Dublin.
  27. John – Founder & Design Director of Context Studio. Based in Dublin.
  28. Marian – Director of Flourish With Social Media. Based in Cork.
  29. John – Executive at Northern Trust. Based in Limerick.
  30. Mollie – Content Creator at the PR Training Academy. Based in Dublin.
  31. Ruth – Co-Founder/Product & Commercial Director of Nightingale HQ. Based in Dublin.
  32. Johnny – Managing Director of International Pension Transfer Consultants Limited. Based in Dublin.
  33. Grainne – Stress Release & Resilience Coach at grainnemoneill.com. Based in Dublin.
  34. Orlagh – Creative Director at Ossociates Building Brands the Care. Based in Dublin.
  35. Pádraig – Integrated Marketing Manager at Fraugster. Based in Berlin.
  36. Kieran – Marketing Manager at Irema. Based in Cork.
  37. Neil – Tax Associate at PwC Ireland. Based in Dublin.
  38. Emma – Consultant at People&Co. Based in Wellington.
  39. Richard – International Director of the National College of Ireland. Based in Meath.
  40. Kelsey – Media Strategist at Capital One. Based in Virginia.
  41. Ruth – Senior Manager Strategy & Operations at Indeed. Based in Dublin.
  42. Arthur – Managing Director of Arthur Ryan Property Consultants. Based in Dublin.
  43. Niall – Founder of Time Productions. Based in London.
  44. Siobhan – Training Manager at AdRoll. Based in Dublin.
  45. Hannah – Intern at the PR Training Academy. Based in Oregon.
  46. Marella – Virtual Assistant at Coole Consultancy. Based in Dublin.
  47. Sandy – Director at DBC Health Retreats. Based in London.

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