We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

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  1. Denis – Retail Manager for The GPT Group. Based in Melbourne.
  2. Brian – CEO of HST Netsso Ltd. Based in Donegal.
  3. Noel – Founder of The Bitsing Company. Based in Dublin.
  4. Kieran – Owner of Tekstro LLC. Based in San Francisco.
  5. Catriona – VP Strategic Growth at PGC Group. Based in New York.
  6. Kathy – Owner / Manager of Career Training Internships. Based in Cork.
  7. Ronan – Founding Partner / Translator at Easy Translation Solutions. Based in Dublin.
  8. David – Graduate Audit Associate at Deloitte. Based in Dublin.
  9. David – Head of Sales at EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum. Based in Dublin.
  10. Geraldine – Coach at Ark Business Training. Based in Cork.
  11. Gary – Recruitment Consultant for PeopleSource. Based in Dublin.
  12. Tania – Commercial Director at FROSCH Ireland. Based in Dublin.
  13. Vipul – CEO of ePress Limited, Ireland. Based in Dublin.
  14. Sinead – Manager of Gazbay Limited. Based in Kerry.
  15. Zoe – Director of Host Families West Cork. Based in Cork.


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