We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

If you have not yet registered your profile on the IIBN website, you can do so for free by clicking here www.iibn.com

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Paul – Managing Director of Northwood Technology. Based in Dublin.

Conor – Founder & CSO of Phytaphix. Based in Louth.

Paul – Partner at J.P. Morgan. Based in London.

Anne Marie – Business Owner of RHP Events. Based in Dublin.

Natasha – Financial Crime Manager at UBL Bank. Based in Essex.

Nick – Analyst, Portfolio Operations at Private Equity Firm. Based in Chicago.

Damien – Director of SMART FLOW. Based in Dublin.

Angela – Strategic Partnerships Manager at Paycheck Plus. Based in Ennis.

David – General Manager at NFT Trading LLC. Based in Dubai.

Yvonne – Freelance Writer/ Content Creator. Based in Dublin.

John – Director of OutsourcingAisa. Based in New South Wales.

Diarmuid – Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley. Based in New Jersey.

Sinéad – Mental Health Well-being Training Director of Informed Minds. Based in Omagh.

Jack – Business Development for IDA Ireland. Based in San Francisco.

Peter – Assistant Manager at PwC. Based in Dublin.

Anita – Managing Director of Nimbus Accounting Limited. Based in Dublin.

Conor – Self-employed Director. Based in Dublin.


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