We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

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  1. Sinead – Sales Director UK at Fenergo. Based in London.
  2. Peter – President of Newgrange Productions. Based in New York.
  3. Frank – CEO of IDSystems Ltd & Sunkflex UK Ltd. Based in Norwich.
  4. John – Managing Partner at CG Advisors. Based in Chichester.
  5. Chris – Founder of Six Ideas UK. Based in Teddington.
  6. Arlene – Owner / Director of Gooding’s Groves. Based in Cape Town.
  7. Michelle – Chief Operating Officer for Spider Communications. Based in London.
  8. Andrea – Vice President of Invest Northern Ireland. Based in New York.
  9. Shane – Managing Director of Shane Holland Design Workshops. Based in Duleek.
  10. David – Director of David Conway Associates Limited. Based in Uxbridge.
  11. Ciaran – Partner at Damien Tansey Solicitors LLP. Based in Dublin.
  12. Ailbhe – Continuous Improvement Enabler – Operational Development (EOS) at Winston-Solutions. Based in Ontario.
  13. Dr Patrick – Marketing / PR / Digital Media Consultant for Tourism Marketing & PR. Based in Frankfurt am Main.
  14. Damien – Director of CANICE Architects. Based in London.
  15. Sara – Freelance Visual Artist. Based in London.
  16. Terence – Travel Savings Ambassador. Based in Cape Town.
  17. Maura – Broker for Nestseekers International. Based in New York.
  18. Christina – Owner of The Marketing Lounge. Based in Wicklow.
  19. Bernadine – Bernardine Maloney Executive Coach & PR Consultant. Based in Yorkshire.


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