We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

If you have not yet registered your profile on the IIBN website, you can do so for free by clicking here www.iibn.com

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  1. Máire – Partner at Beauchamps. Based in Dublin.
  2. Charles – Director Global Branding and Communications at KAUST. Based in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Brian – CEO of Informita. Based in Portugal.
  4. Rian – Founder of DeLive Drones. Based in Indiana.
  5. Melissa – Designer and Founder of Meld Apparel. Based in Kerry.
  6. David – CEO of OSICI. Based in Germany.
  7. Nicola – Managing Director of Always English. Based in Spain.
  8. Kate – Co-Founder & CEO of Bog & Thunder. Based in New York.
  9. Michael – Founder of US Debt Forum. Based in New York.
  10. Bob – Managing Partner of Vista People Executive Search. Based in Dublin.
  11. Eoin – Managing Associate at Global Legal Solutions. Based in New Jersey.
  12. Fiona – Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Mackin Talent and Mackin EHS. Based in Cork.
  13. Diarmaid – Director – Agency at indiepics. Based in Dublin.
  14. Stephanie – Senior Account Executive at Mower. Based in New York.
  15. Louise – Associate at A&L Goodbody. Based in Dublin.
  16. Liam – Director of Hogan Estates Ltd. Based in Dublin.
  17. Joanne – Managing Director of IQ-EQ. Based in Dublin.
  18. Ruth – Compliance officer at RM Compliance. Based in Cork.
  19. Jimmy – Sales Director at DFIN. Based in Dublin.
  20. Kevin – Managing Partner at APP Kirrane Auctioneering. Based in Mayo.
  21. Rosie – Working in the Government sector. Based in UK.
  22. Niall – Partner at McCann FitzGerald. Based in New York.
  23. John – Managing Partner at Carrig Partners Limited. Based in London.
  24. Simon – International Editor at KCW London. Based in London.
  25. Rory – VP payments Automation at KeyBank. Based in Connecticut.
  26. Liam – Director of CBD Capital Limited. Based in Dublin.

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