We are delighted to welcome our new members to IIBN this week.

If you have not yet registered your profile on the IIBN website, you can do so for free by clicking here www.iibn.com

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Aidan – CEO and Producer at Wild Flower Pictures. Based in Dublin.

Tracy – Founder and Managing Director of EDGE Media. Based in Monaco.

Damian – Managing Director of Sakura Business Solutions Limited. Based in London.

Rowena – Lead Consultant at Blue Line Consulting. Based in Wicklow.

Geoffrey – Principal Consultant at SystemsAccountants. Based in London.

Cathy – Account Executive at Funding Circle. Based in London.

Eithne – Managing Director of Wires Uncrossed. Based in Auckland.

Toby – Venture Analyst at Irish Studio. Based in Dublin.

Sheila – Director of Scott Tallon Walker Architects. Based in London.

Audrey – Office Manager at MBSL Limited. Based in Dublin.

Nichola – Creative Consultant for Digital Collective Co. Based in Abu Dhabi

Oisin – International Event MC, Keynote Speaker. Based in Barcelona.

Kevin – Design Researcher / UX Researcher at the Department for Work & Pensions. Based in London.


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