Simply Workflow is based in Ireland. Mick Kelly CEO, reveals to IIBN that Simply Workflow is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Based Field Service Management system, combining back office administration access, combined with a dedicated mobile app specifically designed for the utilities (telecoms, cable TV, power, water) sectors. The core value proposition utilises real operational experience, which combined with integrating inventory management, dynamic routing and scheduling presents a compelling option for prospective businesses in our niche market sector. It is an operational tool offering a competitive advantage to our customers by delivering cost savings and efficiencies to our customers in a real-time paperless environment.

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What are your main priorities and goals in your role?

My main priorities and goals are to build on the success to date in the Irish, UK and Caribbean markets and to become a recognised market leader in the EU and USA in Field Service Management, through continuous innovation that helps our customer optimize their field services operations.

What are your biggest challenges?

I would like to think that our biggest challenge is also our biggest opportunity. What I mean by this is adapting the new normal post Covid-19 to refocus our sales strategy in a virtual environment. Previously many prospective clients would have expected you to jump on a plane and meet face to face. Because this is now not possible, I believe it is vital to evolve and embrace new ways to build new customer relationships online. We are working to enhance our social media presence, participate in webinars and develop the quality of our Web-Ex Demos.

How has your business strategy been adapted in the context of the Covid-19 crisis?

As alluded to in the previous question – we have had to reinvent our sales strategy due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. We pride ourselves in building deep customer relationships, where we get to know our clients and their business challenges / opportunities. This was always done while meeting our clients at their workplace. Under the new norm we really need to rethink how we build these strong relationships to bring the same value to our customers.

What are the challenges facing your industry going forward?

The biggest challenge facing our industry is security and data protection. Our customers need to be able to supply services to households in an efficient and effective manner, while continuing to utilise the information that is needed to complete a job, such as customer address, contact details etc. Our new technology is GDPR compliant and takes all the risk away from our customers while allowing the field workers to get the job done effectively.

What new trends are emerging in your industry?

IOT, Augmented Reality, drones and the gig economy. By leveraging FSM and connecting to existing technologies, companies can reap some big rewards.

Are there any major changes you would like to see in your sector?

There are still a lot of companies in our sector who use old manual processes to manage jobs in the field, from lots of paper work to excel spreadsheets. This is very inefficient and high risk in terms of data protection. We hope to see more companies in the traditional sector of utilities start to embrace technology such as ours, particularly after the Covid-19 crisis.

Are you finding any skills gaps in the market?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to source experienced software developers within reasonable budgetary constraints.

How will Brexit affect you, or have you started to feel the effects already? Luckily as a SaaS business Brexit has not to date or should not affect our ability to operate and scale.

How do you define success and what drives you to succeed?

Success to me is having the correct work life balance, I enjoy my work but I am not a workaholic! – get your work completed but have time for family, ensure you can switch off and enjoy life outside work.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given, or would give, in business?

Never be afraid to find and hire someone better than you.

What have been your highlights in business over the past year?

Managing and embracing the challenges of Covid-19 and observing different people within the business develop and enjoy working away from the regular office environment.

What’s next for your company?

We are currently developing our platform to ensure enhanced security and enable efficient scalability to become a market leader globally (not just in Ireland).

What opportunities or plans for growth do you see in 2020/21?

We expect to see opportunities in the UK and Eurozone with the Electrical Smart Meter Install Sector and in Telecoms in the Caribbean and US Markets.

Where do you want your business/brand to be this time next year?

We would like to see Simply Workflow to be recognized as the foremost FSM Operational Tool for the Electrical Smart Meter Rollout in Ireland the UK and the Eurozone and increase our Market penetration in the Telecoms Market in the Caribbean while also making a breakthrough in the US FSM sector.

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