Talk to Customers and Perfect the Product – Philip Brophy, Founder of PushMe

The Idea of PushMe was born in 2015. Dublin-based Philip Brophy was struggling in his sales role, he was behind target and he didn’t know how he was going to turn it around. Luckily though, at the time he was in the middle of completing his business and executive coaching qualification. He had access to […]

How Tommy Hutchinson Transferred from Corporate Life to Becoming an Entrepreneur

London-based, Tommy Hutchinson, founder of i-genius, co-director of Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces, and a European Commission Expert on social innovation and sustainability. Originally, from outside Magherafelt, he has been an IIBN member for 14 years! All Business is Global Tip O’Neil, the famous Irish American Speaker of the House of Representatives once said “all […]

“We just keep hustling!”: Laura Clacey, Founder of Sxolli Xider

HOW I MADE IT – Laura Clacey, Founder Sxollie Xider Laura founded the award winning SXOLLIE Xider, “a unique cider made from single varietal apples grown in the Western Cape, South Africa. “Stop faffing about and just go for it. You’ll quickly see if your product has legs” she says. For Laura Clacey, it’s all […]

“Never ever give up” says Brian J. Kerrigan, Founder Kerrigan Ventures

This Dubliner’s hard-charging and hair-raising lifestyle served as the perfect platform from which to launch his own strategic management consultancy in 2016 after twenty years on Wall Street. His story is both harrowingly cautionary and joyously inspirational. It is one that speaks to the human side of us all, and simultaneously to the indomitable, never-say-die […]

Interview with Shane O’Neill – President at Audeohost Inc.

In 2011, Audeohost went from an idea in my head to a firm way forward. I had recently finished running IT for a Hitachi company in Canada and full-time corporate IT and I went on a path of divergence. My background is in tech and spent years in media in the UK with organisations including […]

Interview with Kieran Hynes CEO of KMCO Group and MapAll Holdings

KMCO Group Formed with a solid foundation of experienced network engineers, in Hertfordshire, England, where the company’s head office still resides today. The core technologies provided by KMCO Group include Intelligent Infrastructure & Management Solutions in cable installation, that delivers full visibility and management capability to our clients. KMCO Group solutions are delivered to market […]

Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace – Elysia Hegarty of CPL

If you know anything about houseplants, then you know that the Fiddleleaf Fig is tough to maintain. In the wild it absolutely thrives, indigenous to West Africa it is used to dense rainforests. However once domesticated it can be super finicky. Too much sun, not enough sun, too wet, too dry, avoid cold drafts, rotate […]

Sharon Daly, Co-Founder Venture Life Group Plc “It all began in Costa Coffee”

For Sharon Daly, it began in 2010 in Costa Coffee with a blank sheet of paper and two former colleagues. With a flat white in one hand and a pen in the other, discussions were centred around creating an international consumer healthcare company aimed at improving a person’s quality of life. ‘We talked vision, strategy, […]